Stagecoach Rubber Manufacturing

Specialized Rubber Manufacturing & Product Development Services

Recoil Pads


Improve your accuracy when you shoot your rifle with recoil pads from Stagecoach Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. Choose from our wide selection of AIRECOIL™ pads.

Grinding Wheels

Count on us when you’re looking for tough, long-lasting grinding wheels. Our wide array of abrasives is perfect for surface grinding and other industrial operations.

Custom Manufacturing

Manufacture rubber products for various industrial applications with our help. We make it possible for you to create your own line of custom molded rubber products.

Who We Are

Stagecoach Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. in Pahrump, Nevada, offers streamlined rubber manufacturing and product development services to valued industrial clients. We have been selling top-class recoil pads, grinding wheels, rubberized abrasives, and silicone rubber products for more than 60 years. Our company takes pride in providing durable products and customer-oriented service at budget-friendly prices

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