High-Performance Recoil Pads

Effectively reduce recoil when you fire your gun with recoil pads from Stagecoach Rubber Manufacturing, Inc. in Pahrump, Nevada. Available in a variety of sizes, our 25 AIRECOIL™ recoil pads come in black and brown colors.

Industry-Recognized Brand

AIRECOIL is a well-known brand of recoil pads. Made with the finest rubber and virgin materials, our pads have gone through the highest degree of quality control. We guarantee your satisfaction when you use our products.


Enjoy using our easy-to-install and well-designed AIRECOIL recoil pads. These pads are made in the US, and are designed to work without steel plates. Customers love these pads, as they hold up well and last a long time.

Custom Pads

You can get your hands on this fine cushioning material for only $25. If you wish to personalize your recoil pad, then feel free to take advantage of our logo work and custom tooling services.

Contact us in Pahrump, Nevada, to take advantage of our industry-grade rubber manufacturing and product development services.

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